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Machine Hire

A range of machine and equipment hire available for use in and around the Dunedin area

Hire Terms and Conditions

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Mini Digger

Our 1.7 Ton Mini Diggers are easy to operate and come on purpose built transport trailers. Expanding track frame allows access to 1 metre driveways.


Plate Compactor

Our 50kg Plate Compactor is perfect for helping to compact and smooth out work areas. 


Ride On Mower

Our Industrial ZD221 Kubota Ride on Mower has a 1.5m cut, zero turn, and is diesel powered. Ideal for mowing large lawns quickly. 


Track Dumper

Our Track Dumper is the ideal transporter across a range of terrain, from gravel and soil, to swampy areas. 



Our Chipper is an ideal companion for landscaping projects to help clean up hedge clippings and small tree branches. 



Our 4 wheel-drive, 30 horsepower Tractor is great for moving and loading material on site, alongside being used for mowing paddocks. 


Tipper Trailer

Our Hydraulic Tip Trailer has a 2 cubic meter capacity, and can carry 1,750kgs. Perfect for spreading material around the work site. 

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